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1. Taglines for branding at CRMNEXT events (view)

2. Copy for promotional flyer of  CRMNEXT Insurance CRM at CII Event (view)

3. Brand promotion copies for CRMNEXT (

4. Promotional copy for gifts at CRMNEXT Events (view)

5. Copy for promotional standee at CRMNEXT Events (view)

6. Time-sheet management promotion copy for CRMNEXT (view)

7. Brand promotion copies for DOTOM Realty (view)

8. Taglines for Internal Team Branding for CRMNEXT (view)

9. Campaign promotion copies for CRMNEXT (view)

10. Campaign promotion copies for DOTOM Realty (view)

11. Hiring copies for CRMNEXT (view)

12. Event promotion copies for CRMNEXT (view)


1. Event promotion Ad for CRMNEXT (view)

2. Brand promotion Ad for CRMNEXT (view)

3. Ad for mailing campaign in Vietnam (view)

4. CRMNEXT promotion Ad at Indonesia event (view)

5. CRMNEXT standee Ad at Indonesia event (view)