1. CRMNEXT Blog featured among ‘The 50 ‪‎Best‬ ‪Blogs‬ on Building ‪‎Customer‬ ‪Relationships‬ and Creating ‪Remarkable‬ ‪‎Experiences‬ for Your Customers’.

2. Featured as upcoming Industry Innovator by 8C Media on Social Media Strategies. Read the complete interview here.

3. Appreciation by Nandakishore Padmanabhan, VP, Branding & Strategy, CRMNEXT for Ad Copies drafted for Product Team Hiring (showcased in copywriting portfolio)


4.  CRMnext Tweet Post on 6th Feb 2015 went viral with 366+ retweets.



5. CRMnext blog was included in Revenue365 Top 15 CRM Blogs (global list) in Dec 2014

6. CRMnext won the Gold Award in IT Biz Category at Express IT Awards amongst tough competition including Infosys, HCL, SAP Labs etc in Dec 2014.


7. Featured twice as the ‘Best Blog Post’ by Business Standard newspaper on July 21st and Aug 4th 2014.