Taglines for Internal Team Branding at CRMNEXT

Notice: All rights reserved. For portfolio purpose only. Any plagiarism or commercial use without permission is strictly prohibited.

Year_ 2016 | Industry_ CRM | Commercial_ Yes | Country_ Worldwide

1. CEO Office
Lead with a SMILE

2. Marketing and Strategy Group
A brand is worthless if it doesn’t create an undeniable connection and chemistry with the right audience in a relevant way.

3. Sales
For a successful sale, defeat the five horsemen of sales: No need, No money, No hurry, No desire, No trust.

4. Pre-Sales
Sell the product, make a living. Sell the problem you solve, make a fortune.

5. Key Account Management
To grow your business, you need to be close to the heart, closer to the brain, closest to the wallet.

6. Digital
A delightful interface is the one that integrates empathy, fun and intuitiveness with instant gratification.

7. Human Resources
Even in this digital age, the ‘Human’ in Resources is synonymous with organizational success and transformation.

8. Ownership Experience Group
The customer’s problem is our problem, and we never leave our problems behind.

9. Product Development Group
The secret to becoming an iconic product company: Quality, Innovation, Faster Releases.

10. Delivery Services Group

Engagement Services Group
Every business problem is an insight in disguise.

Solutions Development Group
The right code, at the right time, keeps late nights away.

Quality Audit Group
Quality is not an act, but a habit.

11. Admin
A pessimist whines, an optimist hopes, an Admin acts.

12. Finance and Accounting
Transparency and accountability pay the best interest.

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